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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Have a Blog?

Does anyone have a blog that they would like to share with the rest of us??

Please leave a comment with your blog address if you would be willing to share!


Abby said...

Hi All. This is Abby. My husband is currently doing a Cardiothoracic Anesthesia Fellowship at Emory.

My blog is basically about our adventures here in Atlanta.

It can be found at http://shontzfamily.blogspot.com

Hope to hear from others!

Bea said...

Hi Abby and everyone reading!

My name is Bea and I'm married to a first year surgery resident. I write a blog about medical marriages. It's called Finding Equanimity and it can be found at http://equanimityfound.blogspot.com/

[P.S. Abby, I know we've already met but I thought I'd post for other readers out there :)]

Abby said...

Thanks Bea! I think your blog is great and one of the main reasons I wanted to post this entry.

All of us have such a similiar situation and I think we can learn a lot from each other. As well as gain a great support system!

Thanks for the comment Bea!

Waiting for others...!! :)

Colleen and Ben Cole said...

Good morning! My name is Colleen. My husband is currently at the end of his 3rd year of med school, and we're expecting our first child. My blog is about all of the excitement we have for the things he's doing in med school and the baby. I look forward to reading all of the other blogs!


Jennifer said...

I am a "Survivor of Medical Training" - we've been in practice for almost 5 years - but the medical marriage adventure continues! I blog at http://5merryhunts.blogspot.com

Laura said...

My name is Laura. My husband, Mike, is a PGY-4 radiology resident at University of Oklahoma. I have a family blog www.stmcmith.blogspot.com, mainly for family and friends out of state to keep in touch, but anyone is welcome to view it. I really appreciate your blog Bea. I wish it had been there when we started this experience!

Melisa said...

Hey ladies! Come check out our group blog for wives of doctors.


It is a place to get ideas, talk, encourage, vent, and anything else we want to do. :o)

Hope you'll join us!

Melisa said...

It is kinda new, so we'd love some input. THANKS!

Leidy said...


Im Leidy my husband is a PGY3 in Internal Medicine, he will be starting an infectious disease fellowship in July. My blog is


Married to a med student - Marissa Nicole said...

Hello - I am the wife of an MS3 - and I would appreciate it if you'd share my blog:

If you are still looking for spouse contributers I am definitely interested! My email is: marriedtoamedicalstudent@gmail.com

Thanks, Marissa

Kathy L said...

A social and service group comprised of spouses and significant others of UNC and Duke Residents and Fellows can be found at

Kathy L said...

I also wanted to share a site that may be helpful for some of the other RPS/MSS members to look at. It is a blog called Lives of Doctors Wives and is just a blog that someone put together. It can be found at: http://doctorwives.blogspot.com/ They have some fun blogs and some people might enjoy looking at that and contributing to it.
From: Jaidi - Lubbock, TX