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Thursday, March 26, 2009

RPS/MSS Group SPOTLIGHT - Medical Partners, Iowa City, IA

Each month on our Physicians In Training blog we are going to be spotlighting one RPS/MSS group. This will be a good way to inform everyone how other groups around the country are structured. Also, this will be an informative source for those of you considering joining a group. Please let us know if you have any specific questions you would like answered about these featured groups.

This month in the spotlight, is the Medical Partners group located in Iowa City, Iowa.

Quoting from the Medical Partners' website: "For over fifty year, Medical Partners has existed as a nonprofit organization for the spouses/partners of the physicians and dentists in training at University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics."

1. How do you go about informing all of the incoming residents/fellows about the Medical Partners group?

Every year after the medical student Match Day we obtain a list of all incoming residents and fellows from the hospital's House Staff Affairs office. With this information we send out a welcome packet to each incoming physician. Within this packet we include information about our group, as well as information from many local businesses and information about available housing in our community.

Along with this, in the beginning of July our officers contact the secretaries of each speciality and obtain a list of phone numbers of new residents. We then personally call all of the physicians and invite their spouse/significant other to our group's welcome reception.

2. What type of event do you plan to welcome the new partners?

At the end of July on a Saturday we host a brunch for our current Medical Partners members and all incoming partners. At this brunch we introduce everyone to our current officers and give a brief overview of what our group has to offer. We pass out membership forms and also sign-up sheets for the different clubs. This has been a great way to kick off the new year by bringing together all of our current members and potential new members.

The following day we host a family picnic at a local park for our current members and all of the new residents and their families. We usually find a sponsor for this picnic who provides the food and beverages.

3. Does your group have any sponsors?

Our group has three sponsors that we have developed partnerships with. For over 25 years we have been partnering with a local State Farm agent that has donated to our group financially as well as helping out tremendously with our resident welcome packets. Our second sponsor is North Star Resource Group, a financial group in the area. North Star has been a sponsor of ours for the last few years. They sponsor some of our parties each year. Our third sponsor was added last year. Their name is Adamantine Spine Moving. They sponsored our large Holiday party last year. These sponsors have allowed us to have fun celebrations while keeping our membership fee minimal.

4. What types of clubs or activities does your group offer?

Currently our group has seven different clubs. These clubs include: Book Club, Cooking Club, Playgroup, Children's Activity, Entertainment Club, Hobby Night, and S.O.S. (Spouses Out Socializing).

5. How do you organize the activities for each of these clubs?

Each club has an officer and meets once a month, except for playgroup which meets weekly. On a quarterly basis each officer plans activities for the next 3 months for their specific club. The officers are in charge of deciding when, where, and what the club will be doing that month/week. We have a general schedule of which club meets during which week of the month to keep the scheduling conflicts minimal.

6. What method do you use to inform your members about the upcoming activities?

On a quarterly basis we mail our group's newsletter - The Pulse. The Pulse contains everything our members need to know for the upcoming 3 months. We have a section for each club where the dates and activities are listed. We also include a monthly schedule that summarizes all of the activities for that month. Our club's president also includes a letter in The Pulse as a way to inform our members of other upcoming activities they may be interested in and to touch base on how things are going within our group.

We also have a group website. On our website members can find out the monthly schedule for each club and much more pertinent information. Including information about Iowa City, housing information, local business information, philanthropic activities, and member business information.

7. Does your group engage any philanthropic activities?

Our group tries to do a philanthropic project each year. In previous years some of our projects have been: sponsoring families in need at Christmas, making fleece blankets for the nurseries at the hospital, and serving a meal at our local soup kitchen.

Last year our big philanthropic project was putting together an "elegant night of shopping" event to benefit a Cedar Rapids family who lost their home and possessions in the flood. We had a huge response from the community and individuals and were able to raise $1600 for the family.

To find out more information about Medical Partners view their website here or feel free to contact them at medical_partners@hotmail.com.

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Gretchen said...

I was in Med Partners during our time in Iowa City! It was a life-saver for me! I met women who supported me during the trying times of residency and are still some of my best friends today! I am so happy to see that the group is still going strong! My best wishes to all of the current Med Partners! A big thank you to all of my friends from Med Partners!