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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Funding RPS/MSS Groups

One of the biggest concerns with RPS and MSS groups is HOW to fund the group. Of course you want a fun and exciting group with parties to celebrate special occasions, fun activities and get-togethers for members, etc. etc., but you also need to keep membership dues down to encourage participation and not turn people off because of the cost.

Here are some of the ideas my group came up with to support our group. First of all, the group found two main sponsors. The sponsors gave the group a set amount of funds each year as well as helping with our yearly resident-mailings. For the sponsors, the group agreed to only allow the sponsors to advertise for the group within their fields. We also placed an advertisement for our sponsors on the main page of our Web page. Along with these sponsors, if there was a particular party we wanted to have we would occasionally find a sponsor for that party. They would cover the costs of food and we would allow them to hand out papers and advertise at the party.

So, how to find sponsors? This was actually very easy for our group to do. Once businesses in the community saw that we were looking for sponsors, they were very excited to sign-up. It is definitely a win-win when working with these sponsors, and they realize that!

A huge amount of our yearly budget was raised by sending out incoming-resident packets. Within this packet, we include advertisements for local businesses. We charge each business a set fee and they are allowed to include a one-page advertisement. As well as business advertisements, we also include housing information. Anyone who is selling or renting a house they believe would be appropriate for an incoming-resident can include a flyer for their home at a set price. This has been a great way for our group to inform incoming-residents about local businesses and potential houses as well as raise a large amount of money for our group’s budget.

As you can see, there are definitely ways to subsidize your RPS or MSS group budget. Don't be afraid to contact local businesses and let them know what you are looking for. They will love the advertisement and you will be able to keep your membership fees down.

Any other ideas on how to fund RPS/MSS groups?